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International Shipping Costs to Benefit the Members

This is something that is beyond my control but we can eliviate the high expense of International Shipping when ordering.  As an example, just ordering 4 vest extenders and a few license plate fasteners and placing them in a padded envelope, the cost to ship overseas is $22.00, crazy right for 10.5 ounces of product!  

Well let's take advantage of our US Postal Service.  A "Small International Priority Mail Box" can hold up to 4 pounds.  The cost to ship anything in that box up to the 4 pounds is $33.95 USD.  Sounds like a lot but I would suggest rather than 1 member ordering get with several of your members and do a group sale of lets say 4-6 of you.   The cost then can be split up amounst the group and the price per person rather than being $33.95 for one is like $6.79 for 5 members or $5.66 for 6.  That is one way to put the advantage back to the consumer.

My Thoughts, Thanks all,


Quartermaster/Treasurer BK FL XII

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